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What's happening with the NZTA NZGTTM pilots - North Canterbury

Downer has been using, and will continue to use, the North Canterbury NOC pilot to test its commitment to embedding key workstreams into our NZGTTM risk-based approach, serving as a real-world trial to refine and demonstrate its methodologies.

Training and Competency

The pilot includes developing workshops with a focus on the risk-based approach to ensure that all team members understand and can apply these new principles. The training also features induction sessions specifically designed for trial teams to guarantee that they are fully prepared for the implementation of the NZGTTM.

Good Practice

The trial leverages collaborative efforts with internal and industry experts to identify risk contexts and establish trial controls, effectively using the pilot as a live environment to refine methods that meet the NZGTTM principles.


A pilot-specific assurance framework and initiatives have been developed to test the application of the NZGTTM in a controlled setting. This framework is essential for gathering insights and fine-tuning assurance criteria, taking into account the feedback from risk reviewers participating in the pilot.


Key performance indicators are being identified within the trial to assess the impact of the risk-based approach on procurement and contract management. This element of the trial is critical to understanding how the new approaches will influence commercial relationships and procurement practices going forward.

Communications and Engagement

The trial includes facilitated workshops and regular briefings with NOC contract teams to ensure alignment on the adoption process and that all stakeholders are informed and engaged. Part of this process involves the creation of draft policies and procedures, such as the RACI matrix and NZGTTM operational workflows, to guide the trial and future rollouts.

This pilot serves as a crucial step in Downer NZ’s journey to fully adopt the risk-based approach outlined in the NZGTTM, allowing the company to test, refine, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the new methodologies across various operational facets within a real-world environment.