About Us

The Temporary Traffic Management Industry Steering Group (ISG) aims to collaboratively shape the future of TTM in New Zealand as we transition from the compliance-based Code of practice for temporary traffic management (CoPTTM) to the more risk-based approach outlined in the New Zealand guide to temporary traffic management (NZGTTM).
The ISG is made up of representatives from TTM suppliers, utilities, contractors, engineering consultants, road controlling authorities and road workers.


The ISG has five workstreams: Training and Competency; Commercial (Procurement); Good Practice; Assurance; and Communications & Engagement. Each has a key role to play in supporting the transition to a more risk-based approach to TTM.
  • Training and Competency

    The transition to a more risk-based approach to TTM will require training and assessment that better reflects new competencies and ways of working that empower people to manage risk at TTM sites effectively.
    Development of a new Credentials Framework is underway and will form the foundation for new training and qualifications across the industry. These changes will be aligned to NZQA requirements and support formal recognition of skills development.

  • Commercial

    A risk-based approach to TTM will challenge the appropriateness of existing commercial tools for the commissioning of TTM services.
    While each contracting client will have their own commercial arrangements, the Commercial workstream is working to identify common principles and learnings to support the sector through this evolution.

  • Good Practice

    s the industry shifts to a more risk-based approach to TTM, the opportunity to share good practice to maximise safety and value for affected communities will be critically important. The Good Practice workstream is aiming to establish a Good Practice Framework that will enable industry to identify, develop, evaluate and share good practice.

  • Assurance

    The way we assess the quality of TTM across our industry will need change to support the growth and embedding of new skills and competencies related to a risk-based approach.
    The Assurance workstream is working closely with RCAs to consider what changes will help us monitor and review how we are performing collectively across the TTM sector.

  • Communications and Engagement

    The shift to a risk-based approach is a big change for the sector.
    The Communications and Engagement workstream is responsible for ensuring clear and consistent communication and engagement tools, channels and activities that will support the transition and lay the foundations for collaboration and cooperation across the sector.