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Downer interactive risk assessment tool now available online

Downer's interactive risk assessment tool is now available in two different formats for industry use.

Managing risks is an activity undertaken by all workers every day. Often workers are managing risks in a very complex outdoor environment. In addition to their operational activities, workers are exposed to varied and changing environments and are tasked not only with controlling hazards generated by the work they perform, but also external hazards outside of their control, such as weather conditions and driver/other road user behaviour.

Until now, the technology and risk assessment tools available in the market and used by industry have not adequately covered all scenarios faced by TTM workers. As part of the work it has been doing to improve risk assessment in the TTM industry, Downer has created the interactive risk assessment tool for use by TTM workers. The tool can be used by those implementing TTM on sites to assist them to make the best decisions through assessment of the varied and changing environments each worksite presents as well as both the hazards created by the work itself, and external hazards outside a project’s direct control, such as weather and other road users’ behaviour. 

Downer is conscious of the changing TTM landscape and has developed the risk assessment tool to integrate the learnings from the new NZQA qualification, the NZTA New Zealand Guide for Temporary Traffic Management and the soon to be released Practice Note for Protecting Vulnerable Road Users in TTM Environments.

This interactive tool is now available to industry for use in their businesses in two formats:

  • an interactive Excel worksheet, which can be accessed here; and
  • an interactive online application, which has been developed by MY TTM. The application can be accessed for free by the whole industry, not only those that currently use the MY TTM software, here

Please note: There is no legislated way to assess risk. Each company can choose what assessment process is best for them. It is recommended that you speak with your health and safety team about the system they use. 

Any questions on the use of the Downer Interactive Risk Assessment Tool can be directed to Betty.Mitrova@downer.co.nz